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Gazebos for Sale – Buying Guide for Your Patio and Garden

Before choosing a gazebo to buy, it's important to understand the different types of styles and materials that they can be made from. Gazebos for sale tend to have a wide range of options that you can choose from, so getting the one that's right for you can be quite a difficult journey.

Here at the Awning Center we help to wade through all the details so that you can have the knowledge necessary to make an informed choice as to which gazebo to purchase.

Pop Up Gazebos Buying Guide

A lightweight and portable solution, pop up gazebos are much like camping tents in that you can take them with you just about anywhere. In the backyard, out at the beach, or at your favorite campsite, a pop up gazebo can help keep you dry during a rainstorm or cool on a hot summer day.

With a fabric canopy stretched across aluminum poles, these gazebos really do pop up they are so simple to assemble. In some cases, you just unfold the frame and that's that! That way you can spend more of your time enjoying the great outdoors, and less time fumbling around with latches, poles, and instruction manuals.

For those who need even quicker setup, there are blow up gazebos that are inflated by CO2 cartridge. These can be set up in just seconds, although you need to be very careful of sharp edges around these!

What to Look for in Wooden Gazebos for Sale

A more permanent structure, wooden gazebos bring their rustic yet sophisticated style to your landscaping. There are a great many styles of wooden gazebos to consider though, and with DIY projects the list is essentially endless. Whether it's a custom built Japanese or Victorian gazebo, or just a simple rectangular gazebo kit, these wooden structures are built to last.

The choice of wood is as important as the styling. The color and grain of the wood needs to be considered when designing a gazebo that will fit in with the rest of your home and garden.

At the same time, you need to understand that there are more functional differences in different types of wood as well. Some can weather well left unfinished, while others will need to be carefully protected with sealants to prevent rot or termites from attacking. This is especially important for the trusses and where the gazebo rests on it's foundation.

Teak or cedar both will stand up to the elements and termites better than pine for instance, due to natural oils they possess. This makes them great building materials for outdoor structures, and the beautiful color and grain of these woods are icing on the cake.

Wrought Iron Gazebos for Sale

Perhaps the most sturdy gazebos you can find, wrought iron makes for a charming and elegant addition to your garden. Generally wrought iron gazebos are left without a canopy or roof, and instead have more of an open structure that highlights the wrought iron and it's stylish beauty.

This doesn't mean that a wrought iron gazebo needs to be a hot place to be in summer though. Perfectly suited for trellising vines or other climbing plants, your gazebo can serve as an arbor. The seating underneath is thus kept cool by the shade from the leaves.

Sometimes wrought iron elements are incorporated into more modern gazebo canopy designs. This can be a great idea for helping to make such a gazebo more suitable for blending in to the backyard landscaping.

Wrought iron is well suited for outdoor environments, so long as it's finish is kept well preserved. The intricate details and rough surfaces that are so often found in wrought iron designs give this man made material a rich, earthy look that fits in well with natural environments. Wrought aluminum can sometimes mimic this look, but tends to be less well detailed than the original.

Hardtop Gazebos for Purchase

Sometimes hard to distinguish from fabric tops, hardtop gazebo covers do set themselves apart in how durable they are. It's common for a hardtop gazebo to have an aluminum or fiberglass roof that is both lightweight and sturdy. Both of these materials are also well suited for outdoor environments, as they won't rust, rot, or corrode.

This can help you to avoid the annoying cycle of having to buy replacement gazebo canopies every year or two, like can happen with other less heavy-duty covers.

Buying Grill Gazebos for Barbeques

Gazebos intended for grilling are a variation on the hard top gazebo. Because of the heat coming off of the grill, the cover of the grill gazebo needs to be tougher than your average canvas canopy. Generally this means the roof is made of aluminum, and there aren't a lot of frills or lace that could be damaged by the heat.

Another way in which grill gazebos differ from other types is that they tend to have some kitchen aspects built in. For instance, a grillzebo may have counter-tops built in, or storage areas for kitchen utensils.

Also they tend to have lighting as well. This way your BBQ parties can extend into the night, or you can go about cooking your dinners out on the deck or patio. With gazebo lighting, counter tops, and a everything optimized for the use of a grill, a grill gazebo really is a complete outdoor kitchen.