Awning Center

Shade Structures for Comfortable Outdoor Living

At the Awning Center we strive to provide you with the information you need to know about the products and ideas that can help you create more comfortable outdoor living spaces. At the same time, we try to promote improvement projects that will help to increase the energy efficiency and overall value of your home. Whether it's ideas about gazebos for you and your family to enjoy while out on the lawn, or information about the best hammock to string up under a shade canopy, you are sure to find what you are looking for here at the Awning Center.

Awnings - Cooling for Porches, Decks, Windows, and Doors

Functional and aesthetic additions to your home, awnings help create fluid transitions between the outdoor environment and the one inside. This works both in regards to visual impact and the protection from the elements. Learn how to control your air conditioning bills during the summer, and find out how to not detrimentally affect your heating bills in the winter. All while proving a great place to enjoy your yard in comfort!

Canopies - Protection without the Obstructions

Lightweight and inexpensive, canopies have a lot to offer. Great for covering gazebo frames or just tying up between some trees while out hiking, canopies are the ultra-portable solution to creating comfortable outdoor living spaces. Easy enough to set up and take down that you can readily adapt to the changing weather conditions, you'll never be caught off-guard with canopies.

Gazebos - Focal Point Visually and for Outdoor Activities

Spruce up the look of your yard by adding the classic form of a gazebo to your landscaping. Not only beautiful, these structures can greatly increase the comfort you and your family can enjoy whatever the weather throws at you. Open enough to keep you from feeling closed in, and protected enough to keep the elements off, gazebos are a great way to open up the outdoors in all seasons.

Pergolas - Open and Airy, Makes a Great Visual Statement or Trellis

Not quite ready to close in your patio or deck, or close off the sky, but want some protection from the blazing sun? Or just want a quiet get away in the garden that can double as a trellis for your climbing plants? Then pergolas are right up your alley. With a wide array of options as to how much sunlight to allow, and even what times of day to allow it, pergolas can create a much more livable outdoors environment.

Screens - Efficient Cooling with Windows Open or Closed

Often overlooked when it comes to protecting you and your family's comfort, screens can play an integral part in ensuring that you home and yard are as livable as possible. From drop down screens on a gazebo canopy tent that keep pests at bay while you enjoy an evening in the garden, to sun screens that help keep the heat of sunlight from entering through the windows on your house, screens are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to impact the home environment.

Sun Shades - Reducing Glare and Adding Privacy

Conveniently located indoors where you can easily access them, sun shades are a breeze to roll up or roll out depending on the situation. Great for reducing glare so that you can enjoy the view out your windows, they're also extremely energy efficient. Exterior sun shades are great bang for the buck too! Help passively reduce your air conditioning costs by using sun shades to block the excess heat and radiation of direct sunlight from entering into your home.

Umbrellas - Cantilever or Market Style

As relatively lightweight and portable shade solutions, umbrellas can serve you and your family well whether at home on the patio or enjoying a day at the beach. Regardless of it they're built into patio furniture sets, standalone models, or even cantilever umbrellas, the versatility and minimalistic designs of umbrellas are sure to help you enjoy nature, rather than distract you from it.